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This site was created to collect and share information on state by state rules and experiences related to opting out of standardized tests. This is an open community for any parent, student, or educator interested in finding or sharing opt out information, irrespective of personal decisions regarding political party, religion, or choice of public or non public education. Please note, that much of the information herein is specific to school children. If you homeschool, please be aware of the rules and laws in your state and we hope you will share here. There is information on the Homeschooling page that you also may find helpful.

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Big News!!!

The ACLU is interested in supporting any parents whose children received a penalty/threats for opting out of testing.
As per the New York Times - April 16th

*American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Multi Family Complaint*

The ACLU is acculumating letters regarding state testing under No Child Left Behind where schools/state have violated the rights of parents to guide their child's education. The US Supreme Court supports a parent's right to guide their child's education as an 'unwritten liberty' protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
If you want to participate:
  • An overview of your story
  • Threatening letters / email or denials to school activities, graduation, and grade advancement
  • Permission to join in on the ACLU complaint
  • your return address
  • a signature on a hard copy.

Submit to: Nina Bishop, 3065 Windward Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Questions: 719-233-1508

As parents it is imperative that we join together to regain our voice and our innate right to guide our children's education.
Join us and stop the insanity of high stakes testing. Send Nina your letter today!

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Opt Out Groups on Facebook

Opt Out of State Standardized Tests - National
  • Group for parents, teachers, students of all beliefs and backgrounds.
Opt Out of State Standardized Tests - Your State
  • Find the opt out group for your state by searching "Opt Out of Standardized Tests" then typing the name of your state i.e. Opt Out of State Standardized Tests - New York
Parents & Kids Against Standardized Testing (Opt Out of State Testing)
  • Page for parents, teachers, students of all beliefs and backgrounds.
Parents & Kids Against Standardized Testing ( Opt Out of State Testing )
  • Group for parents, teachers, students of all beliefs and backgrounds.
Fair Test
  • Page for parents, teachers, students of all beliefs and backgrounds.
OPT OUT of State Tests: Parent/Student Support against Standardized Testing
  • Group where parents frustrated by public school policies and mandates like standardized tests can feel comfortable to explore and share ideas about non public education alternatives.
Uniting 4 Kids
  • Group for parents, teachers, and community members that seeks to be the glue between all key education activists and groups that want to turn the tide on the standards and testing movement which resulted from No Child Left Behind and now also from Race to the Top.
OPT OUT OF THE STATE TEST : The National Movement
  • Group for parents, teachers, students whose primary focus is the preservation of public schools through the opting out of state tests. Discussion and exploration regarding alternatives to public education is excluded.

Opt Out Groups on the Internet

StopStandards: Stop National Standards
  • Group for authors and education activists fighting against high-stakes standardized testing, and the imposition of National Standards, referred to by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as the Common Core State Standards.
The Bartleby Project
  • Group that invites students to peacefully refuse to participate in taking standardized tests and preparing for them. Parents, students, and teachers share experiences here.

National Resources


Information on Standardized Testing from the American Homeschool Association

Information on this site: All information shared on this wiki is contributed by members from information they have or that which is found in public spaces in social media, blogs, and listserves. The Opt Out groups on Facebook provided a wealth of information which is shared here in one space, but also available in original locations. This site provides a one-stop shop for those who might not be a member of various groups. If you notice there is a source or attribution missing, please join this site and add it.

Disclaimer: In a quickly changing legislative landscape, OptOutofStandardizedTests makes no guarantee that the information contained here or in any associated link is current or valid at the time viewed. Efforts to maintain the accuracy of information is on-going. Please also note that there are different rules and laws for homeschoolers verses school children. If you need specific advice or information on opt out policies in force, please seek that information from the school district or state official in your area.
Parents & Kids Against Standardized Testing ( Opt Out of State Testing )