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No information apparent from legislative/regulatory analysis that speaks to opting out.

Parent reports that IEP for 4th grader was not followed, small group setting not implemented the first day. Parent called Nevada State DOE and was told opt out of testing was possible and we did not have to write a letter or anything, just don't take the student to school during testing hours. Parent called her school to say child would not be testing the rest of the week and that would bring her in at 11 each day once testing was over.

Parent received a call from the school principal, who said opting out was not possible, and if pursued a letter needed to be submittedt stating why. The principal indicated if the student came to school AT ALL during testing week the student "would be tested." Parent kept the student out of school completely for an entire week.
Parent wrote the letter, CCed: the school district and the dept of education also noting that the IEP was not followed. The district special ed director contacted the mother repeating the opting out was not possible and the only remedy was to not take her to school. Upon returning to school, the parent received notification that the student had missed too many days and was in danger of not moving to the next grade because of it.

Parent indicates going to homeschooling. Homeschooling law in NV does state that standardized testing is NOT required.

[Source: Parents and Kids Against Standardized Testing - Discussion - Nevada]